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01About Us

SOFTYLUS is a reputable software solution company that specializes in offering software solutions for businesses and individuals; each according to its required needs. Our on-demand team is capable of software solutions, web & mobile development, and design.

Why Does This Matter To You?

Having us as your partnered team means you won't have to juggle different service providers to meet your different needs. You’ll have it all covered splendidly in one place with people who care and prioritize you with 24/7 customer support.

Our Mission

“To empower businesses with cutting-edge software solutions that drive growth and success.”

02Would You Like To Be A Part Of Something Bigger?

Then you should join forces with us because that’s not all that we do! At Softylus, we offer hosting services for websites with our sister company Hostylus. So, you get all of your questions answered, as well as a hosting service that is ready to accommodate your website. So, you won’t waste more minutes of your valuable time looking for one.

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Our Vision
To bring the world closer through technology, and enhance our optimal solutions’ reach around the globe, so that, geographical barriers no longer hinder anyone from advancing

This means we utilize the latest technologies that’ll enable your goals to have a worldwide reach and your business to be realized as you see.

04Our Approach Cycle in Development

You Ask, We Plan, Then Demonstrate.

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Analysis And Planning

At this stage, you’ll have the chance to share your thoughts and requirements with the teams responsible to assist you with that. The main goal will be to list out the end goals and help you discover them as well if you still haven’t got a clear vision of your needs yet.

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Design And Prototyping

The second stage involves sharing the sample designs and prototypes for the previously discussed requirements. A simple model of the software before creation. The goal will be to tackle any design modifications or enhancements before the development team and UX/UI team proceeds with the work.

Software dev icon

Software Development

This stage is the critical part where the team makes sure everything is built and coded with a clean touch that guarantees to bring the prototype popping live. The team will have you included even during this stage so you’re eyes are with us through every step of the road, so rest assured.

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Quality Assurance

At this stage, testing is made to check the performance of the developed product. Our qualified quality team will double-check that the end product matches the criteria set to create it. This means identifying any potential drawbacks that may hinder any part before it’s deemed perfectly developed.

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Software Product Deployment

Installation, configuration, and running of the product after making sure all previous stages have been checked out with no drawbacks or issues. After that, the software is implemented and delivered for the client’s full use.

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Maintenance And update

After the product is delivered, we offer you a 3-month-free follow-up because if we can spoil our customers then why not? However, this doesn’t mean we’ll give up on it after that. Our maintenance support is always going to be available as long as you need our assistance.